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Utility Companies DON'T want you to know the truth about rising costs. 
Wednesday August 5, 2018
Energy Staff Writer
The US Energy Information Administration chart above shows an increase of Electricity of 61.8% in 16 years. This increase of an average of 3-5% per year, adds up and most of us are not aware of any utility options. To counteract the rising cost of electricity, the Federal Government is offering homeowners a Tax Credit up to 30%.
Brand New Solar & Battery Systems are here!

Unfortunately, the rate hikes will continue until homeowners start generating and storing their OWN energy. NEW Solar & Battery Systems are now available in most areas, and can help you to become more energy independent. The best part is that your utility costs become FIXED the minute your new system goes live! These New systems are affordable, highly efficient, and can save homeowners a lot of money!

Benefits of a NEW Solar and Battery System

Your utility bills become fixed
The average utility company has an annual increase of fee's and rates of 3-5% per year. With solar, your utility costs become fixed from the day your system goes live! So, your savings increase every year and continue to accumulate for as long as your system is on your roof. 

30-40% Tax Credits are Real
The Federal Government (also known as ITC) has allowed qualified homeowners to use up to 30% of the cost of their solar system as a Tax Credit. This does not include state or local tax incentives for solar, which means that homeowners can enjoy total tax credits of 30-40%. Ask our solar estimators if you can's their job to assist you. Tax Credits are set to expire, get your system set up and take advantage of the largest homeowner benefit in history!

Increase your Home Value
When you purchase a new Solar System for your home, you now added big value to your property. Mike Orr, housing analyst for Arizona State University found that homes with solar sell for a premium. Not that you would want to sell, but if you needed too, solar can help you get more for your home!

Zero Down
Most of our partners are using the best finance options in the US that offer ZERO DOWN financing for those that qualify. This means you can get the latest Solar and Battery tech on your home, produce & store your own energy, increase your home's value, get a huge tax credit, all for nothing out of pocket!

Get a No Risk estimate on a New Solar & Battery System for your home. It only takes one minute and someone will contact you to customize a state-of-the-art Home Energy System that is right for you!
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Avoid Increased Utility Costs
Utility costs increase on an average of 3-5% each year. With Solar, your electricity costs are fixed for decades! The savings go up every year and so does your ROI on Solar. 
Government Tax Credits
For the next year, the Federal Government is offering a HUGE Tax Credit up to 30% on Home Solar, if you qualify. This makes Home Energy even more affordable!
Read about the Solar Tax Credit Here
Free Energy from the Sun
Solar technology has made BIG advancements with Solar and Batteries. Homeowners can now rely less on the local power company and more on the Sun!
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